Saturday, June 1, 2013

Avanti R4 Engine Installed In The Frame

Big Engine!
Dropped the 304.5 and the tranny into the Avanti Frame this week.
How do you like this red engine?  This is the original color for the R4 engine.

Photo Credits - GBZ 

When I checked the bell housing alignment, it was considerably off.  I dial indicated it, centered it and put new dowel pins in it.  Amazing that it hadn't broken the flex plates.

This frame-off is going smoothly. The timing cover had been modified for the neoprene seal, but no modification was done on the dampener. I installed a speedy sleeve over the hub where it rides on the seal. I reworked the distributor end play on the shaft. The drive gear roll pin was compromised. I'm surprised it wasn't sheared completely off - replaced it. There were a number of problematic inconsistencies in the build of this car, which I've addressed. When I work on these cars, my end goal is reliability and performance for the client. 

After the engine was secured in the frame, I slid the transmission into place.
On the first try it slipped right in - one man operation.
No blood spilled - no knuckles bruised!!