Thursday, June 27, 2013

1962 GT Hawk In the Shop

We brought another car into the shop this week, a GT Hawk (arrived with an extra Hawk parts car).  

Photo Credits - GBZ

I've already upgraded the front end steering. Now removing all SS trim pieces, grills and bumpers in prep for body work. Re-paint coming up!! This car is pretty straight, just has the usual rust bubbling that needs to be repaired.

I'll also do some seat components changeover to fix broken under seat mounts. Stude reclining seat construction has always been a weak point. Guess we can cut Studebaker some slack, though. When you get to be 50 years old, parts and pieces start breaking and falling off. 

These GT's are one of the more comfortable drivers in the Stude line-up, they've always been a favorite of mine.

Two hours into the trim and chrome removal. All of it will be off by the end of the day.

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Have you been looking for a Rat Rod?  Check this out....I've got one for you! 

Actually this is a parts car.  I'm taking a few parts off it for the above GT Hawk repair, but will be tearing the rest of it down before long.  If you see anything you'd like to purchase off this car, get in touch with me.

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