Wednesday, May 22, 2013

1960 Lark Regal - Safety Upgrades, Brakes and Carb Work

Photo Credit - GBZ 

Car engine in this cute little convertible was overheating. Remedied this by flushing block, replacing core plugs, installing new head gasket and new thermostat. Installed new fuel gauge sending unit and return line to tank. Rebuilt the carb, because accelerator pump had been put together backwards and was not working. Rewired instrument gauges - they were reading incorrectly - the leads were switched.

Repacked the axles bearings on the rear and did brake job all the way around. Replaced paper thin rear brake drums and wheel cylinders. Replaced one rear brake line that was crimped and the attached rubber flex line. Installed front anti-sway bar.

Installed new anti-rattle cat whiskers on rear quarter windows and securely installed rear fender skirts.

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