Thursday, April 25, 2013

1964 Studebaker Wagonaire - Daytona

 Photo Credits - GBZ

Ed Meyers just purchased this Stude Wagon and brought it into the shop for some upgrades and repairs. 

With the AC upgrade, I replaced hoses and modified the mounting bracket for the new compressor. I rewired the foo-barred controls for the air conditioner which could not work correctly the way they were wired. I also fabricated new AC bezel retaining rings. 

I installed a new/old stock factory AM/FM radio and a new high quality neodymium magnet speaker with the correct impedance. 

I eliminated the old fuel pump, installed an electric pump and added a return line. This system has an inertial cutoff switch that will shut down the system in case of an accident. I also fixed a power steering leak and repaired one of the radiator mounting brackets. I installed a new condenser and fabricated new condenser brackets.  Plus, added a sensor driven electric cooling fan that operates based on a pre-determined user setting. This fan also engages when the AC runs.  

This is the Brooks Stevens designed 1964 Wagonaire with the sliding rear roof. 

It now blows cold!

New fuel filter attached to engine compartment fire wall.

This is the driver's side inner fender array of relays and controls, which now includes fan and fuel pump controls.

Back to Lew's Convertible

Cleaned - freshly dipped convertie body sitting on stands and on extra rust inhibitor coated frame. Body is ready for metal repair and panel fabrication.  This specific frame is being used to jig up body alignment as the body panels are hung and welded into place.

 (When we're done, this frame will be for sale - contact Lew if you're interested.)

 Photo Credits - GBZ

Brad and Lew welding on the axle for Lew's convertible.  Go sparky!!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Avanti II Body Repair and Fresh Paint

A fresh version of Avanti Red!
Body repairs are finished with new paint on Paul Regna's '74 Avanti II.

Photo Credit - GBZ 

A noticeable difference in hue of paint color when car is in natural sunlight 
versus under the shop fluorescent lighting.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

In The Shop Today

Two Avantis, a Stude station wagon with slide roof and a Lark convertible.
The Regna Avanti is almost finished and ready to go.
How about this red hot color?  

Photo Credit - GBZ

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Before and After Avanti Paint

Why perfection of pre-paint body work is important.

The curved body lines of the Avanti are unforgiving. Well done bodywork is a beautiful sight showing the car paint color at its best, but sloppy fiberglass work is equally as visible. There are no short cuts when working with a fiberglass body.

There are often barely visible pinholes in the fiberglass, which can be overlooked. There can be small gaps in body panel edges which are caused by glue voids. Loose body panel components must be correctly re-bonded or outer skin wobbles and rippling will occur. Cracks must ground back and re-glassed with correct glue to glass ratios or repair will shrink or expand at different rates from surrounding fiberglass material. When body panels are rehung on car, contouring for correct panel alignment and gap is usually needed. 
  • Attention to detail is what we are all about at Auto Alchemy. 
  • A smooth and body line correct car is the ultimate goal. 
  • We take the time to do it right.
  • We are knowledgeable.
  • We care about the outcome!