Wednesday, February 13, 2013

New Resto Job In Shop

On Paul Regna's 1974 Avanti II, I'm replacing bowed out, cracked and full of bondo passenger side front fender. Will also repair the not-working mechanism of moonroof slide and will rebond fiberglass surrounding moonroof. Water leaked into the seam, rusting the metal underneath, pushing the fiberglass out.

In the past, this car was rear-ended and poorly repaired. The back window does not fit into weather seal rail - I'll rework this body area to make the glass actually fit. (Ventilation is great, but this type was not originally engineered into the car.)  New paint, in Avanti Red, to follow when body work is finished.

Ground away filler on fender top to bare fiberglass.

Exposing the factory seams before cutting away damaged fender.

1974 Avanti II with Chevy 350.

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