Saturday, January 26, 2013

It's All Good - R4 Avanti Progress

 Photo Credits - GBZ

Freshly painted black frame with parts install underway.  Above is factory correct paint color steering box that I refurbished - also added the original factory inspection markings: OK and a mark-off on pitman to show it has been inspected for correct torque.

 Cleaned up exhaust system is installed and bead blast de-rusted leaf springs.  Graphite coated these babies with new separators, new bushings, new center bolts and new rebound clips. Good to go for another 100,00 miles!

Repopped front clip in place - after replacing broken drive side 
head light bucket and hinge pocket. 

Cleaned old and new parts - exploded view of the 
below reassembled twin traction carrier. 


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