Monday, January 21, 2013

Avanti R4 - This Week at the Shop

Photo Credits - GBZ

Next step completed in the frame work. Factory black paint color sprayed over top of zinc chromate galvanizing.  It's now ready to build out. 

Rear axle parts - all deep cleaned and ready for re-install, including new parts ordered in to replace broken parts that had previously been installed incorrectly. This twin traction unit is Chrysler's version called Power-Loc. It has nineteen splines and is an inter-change for the Studebaker twin traction.  This posi-unit will be installed in the Avanti with new bearings.

Continuing to fit and repair the front end and headlight buckets to nose of the damaged R4. As is the case with so many of the presently available re-popped parts, these need in-depth work to get a correct fit.  

This frame was tweaked in several places from the collision.
I straightened the steel prior to refinishing.

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