Saturday, January 26, 2013

It's All Good - R4 Avanti Progress

 Photo Credits - GBZ

Freshly painted black frame with parts install underway.  Above is factory correct paint color steering box that I refurbished - also added the original factory inspection markings: OK and a mark-off on pitman to show it has been inspected for correct torque.

 Cleaned up exhaust system is installed and bead blast de-rusted leaf springs.  Graphite coated these babies with new separators, new bushings, new center bolts and new rebound clips. Good to go for another 100,00 miles!

Repopped front clip in place - after replacing broken drive side 
head light bucket and hinge pocket. 

Cleaned old and new parts - exploded view of the 
below reassembled twin traction carrier. 


Monday, January 21, 2013

Avanti R4 - This Week at the Shop

Photo Credits - GBZ

Next step completed in the frame work. Factory black paint color sprayed over top of zinc chromate galvanizing.  It's now ready to build out. 

Rear axle parts - all deep cleaned and ready for re-install, including new parts ordered in to replace broken parts that had previously been installed incorrectly. This twin traction unit is Chrysler's version called Power-Loc. It has nineteen splines and is an inter-change for the Studebaker twin traction.  This posi-unit will be installed in the Avanti with new bearings.

Continuing to fit and repair the front end and headlight buckets to nose of the damaged R4. As is the case with so many of the presently available re-popped parts, these need in-depth work to get a correct fit.  

This frame was tweaked in several places from the collision.
I straightened the steel prior to refinishing.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Rochester Carburetor Rebuild

Photo Credit - GBZ

Just finished rebuilding a Rochester for a client.
This is an electronic carb for later model Avantis.

Incorrect bowl cover gasket. The shape prevented primary metering rod movement. I completely disassembled all jets, check balls and cleaned them with carb cleaner. Cleaned out the carb body with cleaner, as well. Also cleaned solenoids and throttle position sensors with contact cleaner. I replaced the choke shaft seal. Reassembled the carb with all new gaskets and a new accelerator pump.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

...and Now For Something Different!

Photo Credits - J. McCuan 

Just finished installing the blower on this small block Chev engine.
Hot red fiberglass '34 Ford roadster.
Engineered and made several of the mounting brackets for the set-up.

Installed the blue lights a few weeks ago.  They're showy!!

In fact, so bright, the rod owner was pulled over and given
an official MV warning.  Seems the police officer was not cool
about the 
pretty blue lights shining through the engine front grill.

I warned the owner about running with visible blue LEDs.
In most states, Johnny Law won't allow this!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

R4 Avanti Frame Off Work

The frame was sandblast stripped and then
sprayed with zinc chromate.

Spraying the frame with a galvanizing sealer
helps prevent rust.

 Kids, don't try this at home!!  

This is the real deal, military spec chromate.  Not the 
new version with the good protective stuff removed. 

You do not want sniff these poisonous chromate fumes.
Take your frame 
to a pro for this type of spray work.