Thursday, December 13, 2012

Whazzup In the Shop This Week

Photo Credit - Lew Shucart 
Brad checking fit of new fiberglass nose piece for front wrecked R4.

Photo Credit - GBZ
Further work on Thom Gipe's Avanti.  Fixing heater leak by 
repairing and reinstalling heater core.

Yuck!!  Leaky core.  If your core looks like this - expect windshield slime, fogging and noxious antifreeze odor when you turn on defroster.

Also cleaning up main wiring harness connector and junction box on Thom's car. After a number of years on the road, the original GMC factory sealant used in these boxes turns to a gummy tar residue which can melt down into wiring junction. It's a good idea to clean this stuff out, replacing it with dielectric grease to prevent electrical power problems. 

*Good article in this month's Avanti magazine (Issue 160 - Fall Winter 2012) about this problem and how to fix it.

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