Thursday, December 20, 2012

Progress on the 63 Avanti R4

Photo Credits - GBZ
Broken front fiberglass pared away to factory seams.

Body paint stripped with plastic media.

Door jambs and all outer surfaces stripped, 
including doors, trunk lid and hood.

Dismantled leaf springs in process of bead blast clean up.
Used oil pan (to repair damaged pan) ready for bead blasting.

Rebuilt - repaired core radiator support.

New heavy duty anti-sway bars.

Rebuilt steering box with new bearings and factory correct paint.

Restored wiper motor, new brushes and cleaned armature with
re-plated outer housing and mounting bracket.
New fiberglass braided wires in factory correct colors.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Whazzup In the Shop This Week

Photo Credit - Lew Shucart 
Brad checking fit of new fiberglass nose piece for front wrecked R4.

Photo Credit - GBZ
Further work on Thom Gipe's Avanti.  Fixing heater leak by 
repairing and reinstalling heater core.

Yuck!!  Leaky core.  If your core looks like this - expect windshield slime, fogging and noxious antifreeze odor when you turn on defroster.

Also cleaning up main wiring harness connector and junction box on Thom's car. After a number of years on the road, the original GMC factory sealant used in these boxes turns to a gummy tar residue which can melt down into wiring junction. It's a good idea to clean this stuff out, replacing it with dielectric grease to prevent electrical power problems. 

*Good article in this month's Avanti magazine (Issue 160 - Fall Winter 2012) about this problem and how to fix it.