Sunday, September 30, 2012

1976 Avanti Looker!

Photo Credits GBZ

Finished light freshening of Paul Windish's 1976 Avanti with Chevy 400ci engine.  


Re-arched the springs to obtain the original Avanti body rake.

Installed new stereo system.

At some earlier point, when the car was repainted the back bumper frame bracket bolts were twisted off and had not been repaired.  Bumper was pointing down - I realigned it to correct position.

Installed new bearings, seals and pin in the center bell crank pivot.
Installed new aluminum engine drive pulley.
Adjusted the steering box.
Rebuilt power steering control valve.
Rebuilt the power steering ram.
Re-routed and insulated power steering hoses.

Rebuilt front end suspension with Delrin bushings, new bearings and seals.
Re-arched rear springs with replacement of broken leaf (new leaf added on both sides). New spring bushings and spring tip inserts also added. 
Installed in new radius rod bushings.
Changed out shock absorbers to new KYB Shocks.
Removed the gov mandated 5 mile per hour bumper, re-positioned driving lights.

Installed new stereo system, new wiring with small profile amp in the trunk.
Installed new clock.
Refastened carpeting.
Installed new weather stripping on both car door sides and quarter windows.
Polished stainless window frames.
Adjusted door gaps.
Brush touched paint chips.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Why I Use Delrin

Photo Credits - GBZ

On this upper inner control arm bushing, you can see the shaft
is no longer centered in the rubber bushing.  These bushings wear fast 
because the upper arm is shorter than the lower control arm and sees  
greater road action.   

The original bushings in these arms don't last more than three years, under
regular daily driving conditions.  With this type of bushing wear, you'll find changes in your wheel alignment.

I've cleaned, sand-blasted and repainted the control arms and replaced the old rubber bushings with new Delrin bushings.  These arms will be installed back into Paul Windish's 1976 Avanti.

The reason I use nylon polymer Delrin bushings, is because they hold up
to aggressive driving conditions and do not deflect/move/squish in cornering as rubber bushings.  They have a far longer driving life.

In the lower control arm above is a rubber bump stop still in great condition.

I also replaced the lower control arm bushings and installed new grease zerks. 

There's a stiffer ride debate concerning rubber vs. nylon bushings.  Because these bushings are regularly greased, there is free motion in the wheel action.  With the installation of nylon bushings, the ride is not noticeably harder. 

*Note: The original factory installed bushings from 1951 to '52 were steel bushings.

If you have a harder, harsher ride, check your tire size and wheel weight.  To alleviate a stiff ride, install lighter wheels and tires.   Today's wider rims and radial tires add un-necessary weight.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Freshening Up 1976 Avanti

Working on Paul Windish's '76 Avanti.

Photo Credit - GBZ

All four in the air.....upgrading suspension, installing new weather seals,
re-arching rear springs, installing new clock, adding amp to the sound system.

Cleaning, rebuilding and resealing
the power steering control valve

Putting new bearings in spindle,
rebuilding king pin assembly.

Up and Running in the New Shop

Photo Credit - GBZ
Lew Shucart's (Avanti Magazine editor) convertible - underway.
New frame for this car in the foreground.

Brad and The Golden Girl