Friday, August 10, 2012

Studebaker Factory Color Avanti Gold

Photo Credit - GBZ

It's always fun when I find local paint suppliers, who have the Studebaker original colors on file.  Through the combination of modern technology computer color chip matching and working from the actual listed paint formula, I was able to accurately mix the original Stude Avanti Gold.  

In order to find the original color of these classic cars, you have to find an area of the paint, usually in a hidden area that has never been freshened up in subsequent repaints.  Two good places to look are behind the seats and upholstery areas and under the interior door panels.  

This photo was shot under the shop fluorescent lights, so it has an odd blue-ish-green color cast, but when it's in the sunlight, the color is spot on!   

 1963 Avanti glam shots coming soon!

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