Thursday, August 16, 2012

Finished!! Golden Girl

Photo Credits - GBZ

Sophistication in Avanti Gold  - 1963 R2
(original Studebaker color)

Nice lower grill.
Helps protect the radiator and condensor.

Love these Avanti rear ends.
One of the best design features of the car.

Interior in Elk and Fawn.
Excellent job of upholstery work.
Metric speedometer will be installed
for European owner.

Seat upholstery done by Eddie Grant at
Custom Rods and Collision - Columbus GA.

R2 - low miles with Power Steering and added AC.
Upgraded Wilwood Brake Master Cylinder.

Reproduction AC Decal

Repopped original style wheel covers.

Partial Resto with upgraded comfort and safety features.
Complete paint and body.
Stainless trim - all straightened and polished.
Front bushing replaced and added rear flange axles.
New AC condensor, custom lines and compressor.
New water pump.
New upholstery and carpeting.
New rubber floor mats and thresholds.
Dyed dash and new weatherstripping.
Re-chromed engine parts.

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