Wednesday, July 11, 2012

This Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

photo credit - GBZ

Two NEW front vent wing rubber gaskets with excess rubber trimmings.

The untrimmed gasket to the right is what arrives in the mail from SI (Studebaker International).  The gasket in the center is the trimmed version.  Everything to the left is the rubber that has been removed.  

There's no way you can successfully stuff these gaskets into the stainless steel window trim moldings unless you take the time to trim.  As with too many parts suppliers these days, they can't keep the cost to buyers down and make a good profit if they have to pay extra for hand finishing work, such as this type of trimming.  

So-o-o-o, I bite the $$$ bullet and do the trim work myself.  Easy enough to perform - just takes some sit down time, a pair of sharp scissors and a good eye to see where to cut.

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