Wednesday, July 11, 2012

1963 Avanti Seat and Panel Upholstery

Elk solid with perforated inset. 

Finding well made, high quality upholstery is a holy grail search.  To date, I haven't been impressed with the light weight vinyl and poorly fitting seat covers available from some of the Stude vendors.  Having car parts made and pattern work done overseas is not always a good idea. 

I found a local guy to do the upholstery sewing for this Swiss Avanti.  He's been in the business for over 30 years and knows how to do it right.  He's accurate, quick and knows how to place the padding and sew the seat gussets.  It's been a real pleasure to work with him.  I appreciate his professional business ethic and his "great" customer service.  I'll employee him again for future projects.

 Fawn and elk door panel with black carpet lower kick panel.


Hot off the presses - freshly molded rubber floor mats and floor sill edges!

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