Saturday, May 5, 2012

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Adding Chrome Sparkle

Photo Credit - GBZ

Here's a top notch re-chrome job for the present 63 Avanti
I'm restoring.  After the last re-chromer experience, it's a
relief to find a business person  who cares
about producing a quality product.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

CA Car Headed To Switzerland

Working on the next Avanti restoration - recently assisted a client in purchasing a car from California.  A supercharged 1963 Avanti R2 with added AC.

Photo Credits - GBZ

The car was transported to me and is now in the process of body work to repair the usual fiberglass stress cracks and smooth out body panel wobbles. Complete paint job to follow.  New upholstery and carpet will be installed with suspension and brakes rebuilt and axle replacement upgrade.  The car color will be restored/repainted to original Avanti gold.

No glass or trim was removed when the car was last painted, everything was taped off.  I found large tape paint edges when I removed trim and glass. I do not recommend just taping off trim, moldings and glass if you want show car quality and paint longevity.

You can see in this picture how the paint and clear coat are ridged.  Because you can not adequately scuff the old base paint close to the trim and rubber,  this leaves paint edges where moisture may penetrate causing poor paint adhesion. This is where you'll see paint  begin to peel.  This paint deterioration can be prevented  by removing trim, rubber, glass and feather sanding  back any old paint edges to a solid paint or primer base.

This is the gas filler opening after I removed a rubber drain hose, several bolts and a metal dam under the filler hole.  For original lacquer car paint, this dam was a good idea to catch gas drips and spills. With modern urethane car paints, this is unecessary.  The new paints are far more imperious to gas staining.  I'l fill in the drain and bolt holes prior to priming and painting.

This car shows many of the common fiberglass stress cracks found on Avantis.  You can see the above example in the top corner of the rear vent window opening.

                          More stress cracks.

Removed aftermarket side cornering lights and fiberglass filled the holes. Side cornering lights for 1963 models are not stock.

I'm performing a general re-freshening of this car to bring it up to reliable safety standards and to make it show worthy.  When this Avanti is finished, it will be shipped to it's new owner in Switzerland.