Sunday, April 17, 2011

Historic Car in Historic Garden District

Beautiful Sunday morning - perfect weather and not much traffic.  Great for fulfilling David's request (Raymond Loewy's son-in-law) of taking the Loewy Avanti out for a spin to check the car's road worthiness.  The mechanical repair work checked out fine.  Good thing we did get this classic out on the road, because......
Those signature yellow headlights!

Big Bad Brad Hanging with the '76
Photo Credits - GBZ 

As we toured through the tree shaded old home district, slowly cruising along the bricked streets, Brad hears a low rumble that shouldn't be a part of the normal car noise and we feel a mild vibration coming from under the car.

Back to the shop we go, the Avanti is up in the air on the hoist and within 5 minutes Brad has nailed down the noise/vibration cause.  It is a worn slip yoke bushing on tail shaft on the Turbo 400 transmission.  Within a half hour, he has the drive shaft and the extension housing of the tranny out of the car and cleaned.  Just waiting on the new bushing and seal, which will be available and installed Monday morning.  Then this car is good to go! 

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