Tuesday, April 12, 2011

1976 Loewy Avanti Engine Video

Raymond Loewy's personal 1976 Avanti.  After storage and sitting on display (not running) for approximately 8 years, this historic Avanti is running again and almost road worthy. 

New parts on the suspension and brakes, rebuilt carburator, boiled out - repaired radiator, inspected gas tank and filter, replaced hoses, checked for engine seize - turning first by hand, then gas primed carb and cranked it over.  The engine ran rough for about the first 30 seconds due to the gas load-up in carb - then smoothed out.  This is the Chevy engine that was put in later model Avantis - ready to rock and roll!

This car in the care of the Loewy family. RaymondLoewy.org


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