Sunday, October 25, 2009

Avanti Stainless Steel Trim Repair

Restored windshield garnish trim...a hammer, dolly, file and polish job. It's always nice to save as much of the original car as possible. Stainless trim repair takes time to do right, but is well worth the effort.

Lew's Avanti With Original Wheels

Lew's Car - Close To Being Finished

Last points of the restoration left to do - underbody protective chip coating, interior/exterior finish detailing, final buff and then this Avanti is good to go. Won't be long before Lew is back behind the wheel of this black beauty cruising down the road.

Photos Credit - Lew Schucart

Shop Humor???

Photos Credit - Lew Schucart

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Studebaker 1963 Avanti Interior Restoration

Putting the interior back together.

Working on the interior windlace.

Photos Credit - Lew Schucart

Lew's Avanti - Interior Shots

Interior work finished. Fawn color vinyl installed on doors, back and front pillars. Recovered back armrests in black vinyl and new headliner installed. Plus re-color dyed the dash and roof headliner trim bars. Replaced/repaired fiberglass bottom of passenger seat and replaced lower carpet panels on both doors. Put the window glasses back in - once again weather tight.

Lew had previously replaced floor carpeting and had both front seats recovered. The backseat vinyl is original and still in great shape.

Photos Credit - Lew Schucart

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Boo!! Ghost Car

Photo Credit - Lew Schucart

Lew Schucart's Car - In The Black

Photos Credit - Lew Schucart

More of Lew's Avanti

Second prime with guide coat.

Photos Credit - Lew Schucart

Lew Schucart's Car - 1st Prime

For the leveling prime, I use a polyester primer. This high build coat sprays on thick to fill 'minor' surface imperfections.

Photos Credit - Lew Schucart