Sunday, July 19, 2009

Stude Notes - Questions and Answers

How's your restoration project or engine rebuild and tune-up coming along?

Are you hung up with a problem you can't solve?

Check out my Stude Notes. This is an ongoing column of Studebaker focused repair questions and answers and a bit more. You may find an answer to problems you're dealing with in my Notes. You can also email me with your question and I'll post an answer for you in the Stude Notes.

The back story: I've worked professionally in automotive repair and paint for 30+ years. You could say cars are in my genes. My grandfather, who emigrated from Bohemia, worked for Henry Ford. He made his way up to the top ranks of the Ford Motors tool and die department.

My Dad put me to work on his personal cars when I was 10. The first Stude I helped him with was a '54 Champion. From this starting point, there's a long list of Studebakers that my Dad and I bought, fixed up and sold. A few of the high points: a '50 Landcruiser, '53 Commander Hardtop, '58 Packard-Hawk, '56 Golden Hawk, '63 Daytona Wagonaire, '63 GT Hawk, '63 Daytona Lark. Add a '66 2+2 Pontiac Catalina and 4 Toronados into the mix and you get the picture... a family of bona-fide motor heads.

Today, I own and work on a '63 Avanti. This is one car that probably won't be sold anytime soon. My wife fell in love with it the first time she drove it and declared it as her car!! ...and you know, it never hurts to keep your women folk happy - grin!

Check out my Stude Notes.

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