Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Two Previous Brad Bez Restorations

1963 Studebaker Avanti R2
Owned by Paul, Brenda and Peter Miller

(Photos taken by Peter Miller)
This '63 Avanti received 398 judging points
out of the possible 400.

(Photo taken by Lew Shucart)
Dr. Miller's 1963 Avanti R2 on display in the Automotive Hall of Fame Dearborn, Michigan

(Photo credit - Peter Miller)
Avantis restored by Brad Bez consistently place in
Studebaker Drivers Club Shows.

Thom Gipe's Avanti

(Photo Credit - Gipe)
Thom, another Stude devotee edits a regional publication for St. Louis area Avanti enthusiasts. He does a great job with the Avanti Arrow Newsletter, as well as with his '83 Avanti. It's painted in Sterling Silver Blue with an Eagle Ottawa blue leather interior, has those sporty Recaro seats, a Nardi wood steering wheel, a moonroof and full power early 83 with chrome bumpers.

(Photo Credit - Gipe)
The car was in basic good shape as Thom had done a quite a lot of work on it, including putting in stainless steel hog troughs. I evened out the factory body wobbles (it had a lot of wash board), reset doors, hood and trunk gaps...did general body work before it went into the paint booth.

(Photo Credit - Gipe)

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