Friday, July 10, 2009

More Of Lew Shucart's Avanti Restoration

(Photo Credits - GBez)

Here's some back story on this Avanti provided by Lew.

"A little history here: This Avanti R-1250 is the first Avanti restoration attempt by Jon Myer. The original owner ran into a southern California highway bridge abutement and died. Jon Myer got the car, changed frames and mated the body back on the frame. Here's an original picture before Jon started his work, parked behind Jon's old house in the early 1970s in southern California."

"It was originally the 15th black Avanti built, and the first black car with a black interior. The original owner from Pennsylvania had it painted in the dark gold color you see in the above photo."

"The late Ron Hall towed it home to Chicago about the mid-1970s using a 64 lark convertible, now owned by former Turning Wheels editor Larry Swanson. He eventually sold it to another Chicago AOAI member and bought a white R2 Avanti that his wife drove, and later went on to Bonneville fame. I bought it from the other Chicago AOAI member, partially restored it and put 18,000 miles on up to now, when Brad is doing a full restoration."

Lew Schucart
Editor, Avanti Magazine

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