Thursday, July 9, 2009

Fly - nnnnnnnnn.........

(Photo credit - GBez)

My wife's rolling purse!
It's much prettier when she washes it. ;-)

1963 Avanti R1.
I bored the engine out to R3-A (299cu in)
with R3 spec' heads.
Dayton wire wheels and spinners. Originally an
Texas show car.
We're the 4th owners and still working on it.

My wife passed one of our neighbors awhile back, out on the road and when he finally caught up with her at the local post office, he asked, "Just how much deeper will that gas pedal go? Your car was purring with a low slow rumble when it went around me. There must be a lot more."

She just nodded yes and smiled at little speedy-gurl!

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