Thursday, December 12, 2013

Our New Website

Bez Auto Alchemy is excited to announce the launch of our new website! We will now be blogging at our new home, so be sure to bookmark the link and stay on top of our projects and news.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

R4 Avanti Tribute in First Prime

Blocking and sanding this week - getting ready for the final prime. 
This is the repaired fiberglass front end.    

This is where I started on this restoration.

2013 Orphan Car Show

We attended a recent Orphan Car Show held at Forest Park History Museum.
Above is one of the old city trolleys on display at the museum.

There were some real beauties in this show - lots of solid steel and chrome.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Studebaker Eye Candy at 2013 St Louis Zone Meet

Great turnout - close to 70 Studebakers,
including a couple of Packards.

R4 Avanti Tribute Progress

Polished Halibrand Mags - actual magnesium wheels.

Before and After.
Soda blast followed by bead blast, then polished.
Can you guess how many hours of work are in this refurb?
Magnesium friendly seal coat to follow.

Paxton Novi blower!!
Stand Back - this baby is going to add 10 lbs of boost! 
Engineering new mounting brackets to accommodate the blower and AC.

New stainless steel brake and fuel lines.

New brake proportioning valve.

This ride is gonna be fun!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

2013 Upper Mississippi Valley SDC Zone Meet

We helped out with the St Louis Stude Zone Meet. We had over 60 cars registered with more than half of them entered for judging.

I helped with the judging - above is one of the judges' meetings throughout the day.  Lots of good looking rides - we were very pleased with the turn-out.

Starting with the oldest car - 1929 Packard

Don Hart and Lew Shucart and many of the other local Driver's club members did a great job of organizing this event. A good training ground for the SDC International Meet in 2015 that will be held in St Louis.

In This Case - The Wicked Did Get Rest....sort of!

Yes!! Insert arm pump here....we finally did get some down time. Our first real vacation in four years. Headed up to the north country to spend time with dah fam for much needed catching up.  Oh boy did we enjoy the cool days and sweet nightime temps. Sleeping with the windows open....oh yeah!!!

Morning views from our little trailer - quiet, cool, woodsy.  What's not to love about this?  

We bumper pulled our recently renovated 1952 Jewel vintage 14 ft travel trailer and had a great time with it.  Easiest pull we've ever done - so small and light, you forget you have a canned ham trailing you down the road - lol!  I think we need to put a giant can key on it - like the old food lid can openers that you roll by hand, but the wife says "no".

While on vaca, we did a local art show using Baby Can (the trailer) as our backdrop.  Lots of smiles and interest in our shiny silver bling can and bonus.....!! We even sold jewelry. Great crowd - enjoyable day - fun time!

We've now returned from our roadtrip, to the shop where we're firing up our work schedule. Will be nonstop resto work - work - work for a long while.

We're back to the realm of no rest for the wicked.....